[VN] The Little Black – Bestiary A Playful Proposition ver.1.1 [English-Uncen]

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Developer: CyberScherzo Studios
Release: 2019-08-16
Work Format: Visual Novel
Genre: Animated (Literally only one scene), Male protagonist, Footjob, Oral sex, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Monster girl
File size: 197MB

The second released episode of The Little Black Bestiary, a series about cute monsters and the humans that date them. This episode introduces Tainara, an Iara from Brazil whom is an international student, a music major and an avid gamer. She challenges the protagonist to a video game strip bet with a predictably lewd outcome.

This episode is mainly a visual novel in it’s story segments, but the game you play against Tainara is a fully featured pong-like action game with fighting game inspired mechanics and 7 unique playable characters. The game also allows you to trash talk and distract Tainara mid-game to affect the way she plays. There are 4 different ‘base’ sex scene cgs and the way the scenes play out depend on your final win/lose count when you win (or lose) the strip bet.​

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Beast girls


The game is basically pong. I had some trouble with the controls, but I think you basically have to center the arrow over the character you want to choose just right and hit enter. If you’re struggling, there’s an easy mode you can choose in the settings to cut their health in half from the start.

Game was very short, maybe a couple hours at most, and you can get different scenes if you lose multiple times before fully stripping her. Had fun, looking forward to the full release whenever this game is completed.