[SLG] Nieghbor’s Club Secret Activities [English-Uncen]

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Release: Jul/18/2019
Translator: ragetrain
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Girl, Swimwear, Gothic Lolita, Squirting/Gushing, Big Breasts, Tiny Breasts
File Size: 156MB

Translator Notes:
I saw the post of this game earlier, but it pinged my antivirus.
So i decided to download a legit uncensored one and translate it myself. (with some MTL help.)

I used Bbepis’ AutoTranslator
and edited the generated translations to make it less garbled.

then i extracted textmesh files with Asset bundle extractor.
and threw those through google translate.

The original files are in a backup folder in case there’s a problem i haven’t found.

* A doujin parody of “H*ganai: I don’t have many friends”.

On a hot summer day, Sena, Kobato, and Kodaka get together in the empty club room
and partake in some secret club “activities”!

* Switch through various threesome positions”!
* Change postures!
* Change freely during a scene!
* Change outfits!
* Change camera view!
* Fully automated mode
…and more!

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Thanks, Rean Schwarzer!


holy shit man, this and yamis mansion or whatever are off the chain! thanks for that


How to do anything here?


Someone know how to control the camara or anything?!


oh god the animations are so uncanny. maybe its just my potato PC but the constant twitching is adding to the charm of the game wierdly enough >w<


is there any english translation for this game?


I’m super glad i came across this game. It maybe the most unique H-game i have seen yet. The fact that everything is done in realtime no loading screen, it is just a matter of drag and drop ! The graphics are also really good and ragdoll is hilarious, with everything on auto the characters just randomly do everything they want xD I haven’t watch the anime this game is based on but i have seen some video and i wish i could replace the loli with the black haired girl instead or at least character customization, with that i… Read more »