[RPG] Heavenly Mireira ~Untainted Wings~ [English]

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Circle: sweet princess
Release: Jun/26/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Loli, Angel/Demon, Violation, Humiliation, Tentacle, Female protagonist, Big tits, Rape, Monster, Multiple endings, Prostitution, Pregnancy


Mireira, a girl who lost her memory, has wings.

Just who am I…?
Why do I have wings growing out of my back…?
Will these wings take someone like me on a long journey?

Mireira realized she wasn’t an ordinary human,
so she asked the philosopher Croses about her identity.

“Croses, I want to know who I am!”

Mireira showed Croses the wings she can display at will.
He was shocked to see the wings on her back.
But at the same time he noticed Mireira was concerned about not being human, so he gave her advice.

“Head north. You may discover something if you go to the tower to the Heavens deep in the forest.”
“… My apologies. This is the only guidance I can give you.”

Following Croses’s words, Mireira’s journey to Remegir’s Forest,
north of town, begins now.

Sex Scenes

Monster Rape, Tentacle Rape: 40%
Other situations include food play, prostitution and innocent lovemaking.
Misfortune follows Mireira as she’s attacked by monsters while trying to save others.


Name: Mireira
Age: 18
Personality: At first glance, she is a girl with a lot of pride and determination.
In reality, she’s a timid scaredy-cat with a kind heart that helps the weak.
Hobby: Helping others
Favorite word: Benevolence
Least favorite word: Immorality
Early life: Has no memories

Game System

[Skill Allocation System]
Allocate skill points!
By allocating the skill points obtained by leveling up,
you are able to raise Mireira’s parameters to your liking.

The skills a character can learn are split into 3 types –
‘Attack Skills’: physical attack skills can be learned.
‘Attack Magic’: Magic used to attack can be learned.
‘Support Magic’: Magic used to aid can be learned.
‘Recovery Magic’: Magic used to heal can be learned.

By freely allocating skill points, you are able to learn skills.
Allocate skills however you like!

[Fallen Angel System (Lewdness Meter)]
Each time you have an unnecessary sexual encounter, your Fallen Angel rate rises.
When your Fallen Angel rate rises, you are able to strip naked or change into underwear.
But if you perform acts of generosity, your Fallen Angel rate decreases.

[Outfit System]
When you change outfits, the pose art and sprite also change.
By changing outfits, conversations can also differ.

[Believer System]
If you help those in need in town and along your journey,
by acquiring more believers, Mireira gains more power from their faith.

[Pregnancy System]
When you have the pregnancy status, your appearance changes.
Talking to Croses while pregnant allows you to get an abortion.

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