[ACT] Soul of Forgery ver.2015-09-11 (JP)

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Circle: Ultramanbo
Release: Jul/22/2015
Work Format: Action
Genre: SF, Orgy Sex, Rape, Gangbang, Tentacle, Robot Sex, Interspecies Sex

Beat back the monsters that have invaded your ship or fall prey to their perversions
as humanoid heroine in Ultramanbo’s sci-fi x erotic side-scrolling beat ’em up!

* Use jumps, strikes, cumulative attacks and special attacks freely, but beware: loses her clothes as she takes damage, and if the enemy gets the best of her…

* Roboguards, shapeless organisms and other strange and diverse monsters
attack “you” and any other female on the ship in 50+ varieties of H scenes!

* H scenes span the galactic gamut of blowjobs, double and triple hole sex, egg spawn,
ultra-thick penetration, nipple play and other variations. When the orgasm gauge reaches MAX
a finishing scene commences. Gangbang mode serves up multiple enemies at once

* Voice acting, sound effects, and BGM are included. You have a continue option.
H scenes can be viewed freely in gallery mode.

Shiromine: Rio Kisaka
Dr. Dianna, Sophia II: Ao Inukai
Neo Eliza, Dark Eliza, Sophia I: Momoyo Akiba
Dr. Clemens, Jiro Fushijima: Tatsuya Nakajima

Copulation! Gangbangs! Alien orga(ni)sms!
In space, everyone wants to make you cream…

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Good game.