[ACT] Interspecies Violation: Sextreme Dungeon ver.2018-10-07 [Partial English]

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Circle: Onna Kishi no Shiro
Release: Oct/07/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Internal Cumshot, Egg Production, Golden Shower/Urination, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Worm Sex

An Action RPG where a cute samurai, Youmu Konpaku, is sexually violated in a dungeon
where goblins, orcs, zombies, tentacles, slimes and insects are crawling around!!

* Game Overview
Youmu Konpaku goes deep into a dungeon led by Koakuma for the purpose of training and help to others.
However, she later finds that the dungeon is a “Sextreme Dungeon” where many different
monsters are crawling around and violate girls for their reproduction!

The game is an Action RPG. The controls are easy.
When she takes a certain amount of damage, her clothes will be damaged and she will be violated.
She has “lewdness value” which increases upon violation and its increase may cause her to corrupt by pleasure.
There are alternative clothes on her way to the very depth of the dungeon!

* Situations
– sex with monsters (goblin, orc, zombie, insect, slime, tentacle)
– pissing
– egg laying
– giving birth to insect, earthworm and slug
* before/after pleasure corruption variations (except pissing scene)
* egg laying and birthing are post-game bonus scenes

* Dress-up Clothes

– standard
– school uniform
– PE uniform
– racing swimsuit
– school swimsuit
– leotard
– bunny girl
– naked
* clothing damage variations (except naked)

Recommended environments:
– Windows 7~10 (32/64bit)

Required display size: 970×748 pixel or greater

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