[ACT] Virgin Invader ver 1.1 [JP-EN-UNCEN]

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Circle: MenZ Studio
Release: Sep/14/2015
Work Format: Action
Genre: Rape, Virgin Female, Ryona/Brutal, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex

You are a powerful hentai demon with plans to conquer Virgin Land but,
your are thwarted by a hero. Wounded but not beaten, you take refuge
in the body of a human. However, this makes you mortal.
Your goal is to ravish virgins and seed your dark power until you are restored.
Go forth, powerless human! F*ck all virgins!
Become the demon you once were and rule Virgin Land with impunity!

MenZ Studio Presents:
Virgin Invader
An Adult R-18 Game

9 stages and 22 characters (14 regular, 8 bosses)
Over 60 H spirit animations
Summon 4 demon girls in battle to support you!
Choose 4 difficulty options to suit your style!
Screw your favorite character in the Climax Stage
Zoom in and out with the N and M keys (if using a keyboard)
USB game controller compatible! (“Joytokey” program included)

– 9 HCGs (Current version has only 4 CG but the rest will come out as update)
– Cut Scenes & dialogues with both Japanese and English
– Infinite HP/MP mode

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should have lesbian tag


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