[RPG] The Dungeon of Lulu Farea: Kill, Screw, Marry! ver.2.0 [English] (Official & Fan Translation)

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Circle: Galaxy Wars
Release: Jan/07/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Uniform, Oral Cumshot, Childlike Build, Virgin Female, Boyish Girl
File Size: 241MB

Sequel: Demonic Nation Florehades ~Get Married with Women in the Demonic Realm!~

*** STORY ***
Makaidou Lulu Farea, literally “Hell World Grotto Lulu Farea”,
is a legendary dungeon that connects to the demon realm.

The dungeon has claimed many adventurers seeking wealth and fame.
Today, a fresh hero has entered Lulu Farea.
But this time he’s not interested in money or honor.
No, he has a completely different goal in mind…

“I want to plunder the GIRLS of this dungeon!”

*** SYSTEM ***
The Dungeon of Lulu Farea is a maze-like puzzle RPG.
There are paths to take, enemies to battle, doors to open…
Your choices may seal your fate.
Delve into the bowels of the grotto!
Can you make it to the bottom of all 60 levels?

Defeat monster girls enough times and you can screw them on the spot!
After that you can respawn them and screw them again.
When you do that, their reaction will be……?

There are also erotic events beyond sex with monster girls!

* This product was recreated using RPG Tkool MV.
The contents are based on the Japanese Wolf Editor version,
but there have been revisions made to the design of the game.

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This is the official DLsite translation (which, rather than a translation is a remake on RPG maker, as stated at the end of the description), some people (by which I mean almost everyone who’s played the fan translation) actually consider it an inferior version, due to cut content (several scenes are shorter) and several design changes (the most notable one being the cat girl, who’s a furry in the original and was changed to a nekomimi), some have also mentioned the translation itself feels low quality (from what I gather this isn’t the first time this is brought up with… Read more »


Good Greetings , I hope You all fine and in good health , I download this game and its Sequel too and after extract it and try to lunch the game , there is some Japanese words in black title appear in the game screen and the game dose not work and have a lot of issues , dose I missed something because I even try to make My local language Japanese and this dose not work ether and this is happened to Me with only these two games sequel, My windows is 10 x64 , I download the steam… Read more »


I have the issue of that green windows, and I changed my lolcal to Japa, idk what to do to fix this problem :c halp pls