Forest Of The Beasts [JP-EN-CH-Uncen]

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Developer/Publisher: oneLegNinja
Release: 2019-05-08
Work Format: RPG
Genre: female protagonist, vaginal sex, adventure, big tits, combat, creampie, fantasy, monster, rpg

About Forest of the Beasts
You and your people just moved to a new location with abundant of resources. But your fellow hunters had gone missing in the forest while scouting! Find them in the forest full of aggressive beasts and figure out why the beasts are so aggressive.

2D Action:
A hardcore, retro style, 2D action game with 3 different weapons to choose from. Read your enemies’ movement to pick the right time to dodge and change weapons.

Hentai Attacks:
There are 11 different enemies each with it’s own H animations. Break through their attacks before you climax!

Body Conditions:
Each time the heroine is fucked by the enemy, her body and mind will corrupt a bit more. You can try to clear the game keeping her as clean as possible or see how broken her holes can become.

Challenging Fights:
3 areas each with it’s own unique set of enemies. 3 unique stages and a boss fight within each areas for a total of 12 challenging stages! Each stages are designed to test your action game skills.

Explore the map to find your missing fellow hunters and collect power-ups to become stronger!

Key Features
• Retro style, top-down, 2D action
• 11 unique sex animations
• Unique Ending CG for each area and boss
• Challenging fights
• Body conditions will change after enemy encounters

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