[RPG] Nebel Geisterjäger ver.1.1 [English-Uncen]

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Circle: BBQ Lover
Released: Nov/07/2022
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Male Protagonist, Buttocks, Uniform, Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Sexual Training, Corrupted Morals, Big Breasts
File size: 2.63 GB

Game Features
This work is written from the perspective of the the male protagonist.
It is an NTR themed work with a strong emphasis on “behind the scenes” erotic content.

While there are cuckfuckery scenes shown from the heroine’s view point,
the player / protagonist can only deduce her predicament via indirect means such as…
her heartrate, phone calls, surveillance camera recordings, word of mouth, etc.
In order to save her from the evil clasps of your nefarious boss, gathering info is of the utmost importance.

What fate is in store for these two lovebirds?
Change your behavior based on the circumstances, plan your approach, and fight for your girl!

Peeking, SNS images and videos, porno flicks, premonitions, etc.
The erotic events seen from various perspectives can change drastically depending on scenario progress.

A “Pure Love” route IS possible! There are chances to save the heroine before she is fully corrupted.
There may even be scenes which change depending on the size of XXX that you chose……

This work has 5 different endings, so multiple playthroughs is totally a thing!
Though, in the end… can you… and will you… protect the heroine from your adversary?

Tsukasa Sakurai (protagonist) and Kana Kashiwazaki (heroine) are rookie ghost hunters who have just begun working for a global corporation named “Nebel” that specializes in Paranormal R&D.

While they applied to and where hired by the Tokyo branch, soon after being employed they are relegated to a remote town “Saranosato” where they are tasked with a long-term exorcist mission.
On top of that, for some reason, they are stuck together with a boss that has a notorious reputation…

“Saranosato” was once the site of an unsolved paranormal incident that shook the nation 12 years ago.
Naturally there are many spirits at unrest… and they certainly have their work cut out for them.
Exorcise countless earth bound spirits, restore the town to its former prosperity, and uncover the TRUTH about what exactly happened 12 years ago!

A story of three ghost hunters, begins here and now……

Game System
The flow of this game is split into day parts where the characters perform “exorcisms,” and a night parts where “events” take place.

During the day parts, the player is forced to work separately from Kana.
By clearing rooms of danger and placing items the player can lower the difficulty for the heroine side.

If Kana is unable to do a good job… Lawrence will surely not let her get away with it.

During the night part, all characters are free to roam. You can have meals with Kana, wait for her in the park to eat some donuts, etc. You could even intentionally stand her up by not showing…

With that said, Lawrence wants Kana and he will use whatever dirty tricks he can to have her.
If you don’t notice her signs for help… If you don’t save her in time… then……

46 base HCG
* This number does not include variations, cross-sections cuts (seX-ray views), and normal daily event CG.

The retail version contains 100+ H-scenes and 5 different Endings.

Other Notes
Genre: RPG
Resolution: 1280×720
Base CG: 46 (*Does not include variations)
Voice: Some H-scenes are Fully Voiced. Daily scenes are partially voiced.

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Is it me or the download file not working ? for torrent


For me, when you understand the mechanics of the game, this is easily one of the best NTR games I have ever played, but as you progress through the game you notice errors in some areas. If the game will reward you more for the effort dedicated to having the route pure love would be great but 70% of the CGs are NTR, it is difficult to find some scenes and the routine becomes frustrating, it is relatively easy to obtain the NTR route but the pure love route is quite difficult to obtain and although it is appreciated that… Read more »

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