[SLG] The Imperial Gatekeeper ver.1.22 [JP-EN]

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Circle: Tengsten
Release: May/28/2019
Last Modified: Dec/06/2019
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touching, Buttocks, Serious, Violation, Coercion/Compulsion, Nameless Sex
File Size: 47MB

* Story
The protagonist Til was a decorated warrior in battle,
but ended up being dispatched to work in the “immigration bureau” after the war.
Though feeling very disgruntled, Til made his way to his new work “station.”

* System
The functions in this game are played with a mouse.
The player becomes the “gate keeper” of the immigration bureau station.
Be sure to thoroughly examine their paper work to be sure they aren’t dangerous!

As the stages progress, you can access more commands.
You can do a physical exam command to give them a full body check,
or use de-clothing commands to strip them down, as the commands get lewder.
You can be sure to work as a proper gate keeper and gain the trust of the people,
or take advantage of the absolute power you posses…!

* Erotica
Mostly erotic scenes based around pose art sexual assault.
You can sexually touch the bodies of the characters who come to your station.
As the game progresses you can access more commands,
and end up enjoying sex within your station.
There are a rich variety of characters that are ripe for violation!

There are also CG included erotic events for the main character.
Though low in number currently (ver1.0), there are lots of variations.


Ver1.22 Patch Notes 2019/12/4

-Physical examination, The approach to the oral cavity became possible.
You can perform fingering, forced kisses, and deep throats.

-The semen display after ejaculation was adjusted to display on the inside of clothes.

-Sibilla and Chubby Woman, Vuji and beast man type.
Differentiated each costume.

-Changed character text.
Rework a reaction of sexual harassment, it increased the words of the pattern.
Adjusted the condition that a heart mark is added at the end of the serif.

-The gauge rise value for physical examination was readjusted. (Overall decrease)

-During the basic training, the physical examination was not repeated.

-The occurrence date of the appearance event of stage 1 “commuter pass” was memorized.
Commuter passes issued on previous issue dates no longer appear.

-Fixed the following problems.
Beast woman costume 3, undressing judgment when inserting butt hole is incorrect.
When the target appeals for oversight, the obscene person doesn’t become a gaman state.
In-character sexual experience may be reset whenever it reappears.
Some lines are missing and not displayed correctly.
The reaction when passing after sex at the Hana event in Stage 1 is unnatural.
When I display a wanted paper, it sometimes leaves a stamp.



Ver1.21 Patch Notes 2019/10/24

-Strengthened virgin reaction.
Reaction on first insertion
The virgin always resists when takes off underwear.

-Added hidden status “Slutty”.
Women treat vagina experience 50 over, and men treat butthole experience 50 over as Slutty.
The main characters will not be Slutty.
Some text in sexual activity are replaced by Slutty characters.
Slutty characters have a 20% increase in pleasure gauge than normal.

-Increased reaction when pointing out document deficiencies.
In rare cases, a character comes up with a money transaction.
Slutty characters make sex a negotiating factor.

-When a male character undresses, the genitals are displayed. (With mosaic)

-Fixed a bug.
In Training 5, Unnatural message when switching between physical examinations
After clearing the game, the message speed is forced to zero
In STAGE 4, Missing tree graphics
In STAGE 4, The movement of the guards peeking is wrong
Wearing the wrong costume at the start of the Olivia event at Fort Dimant
Undressing judgment of the costume 2 of the beast woman type
NobleLady type armament, will not disappear when turning around
Character erogenous zones may not match sexual preferences



Ver1.20 Patch Notes 2019/10/16

-Add Noble ledy tipe costumes.(2pattern)

-Add sexual harassment reaction.
Chat from movement during insertion
Insert into the ass hole, Chat from insertion to ejaculation
Chat from When touching the erogenous zone
Pleasure gauge shines, in touching the erogenous zone
Till’s chat, in touching the erogenous zone

-The entire English text of various chat was corrected.

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Sr Skeeps
Johan Sanchez

Very good game, it´s just like Peaper Please, it haves good sex scenes, recomended 😀

Mateus Godoy
Mateus Godoy

that game remember me Papers,Please!

adssds asdasdasdas
adssds asdasdasdas

can anyone share a save with some advancement done? dont feel like starting from 0 again

Nossral 55
Chris Larsson

hmmm the new version 1.22 is glitched. First time you encounter someone with a weapon it says to point it out, but no matter how many times you click on it nothing happens.

ryan zao
ryan zao

yeah… its a bug… click on her mouth and it will go on…

Nossral 55
Chris Larsson

Thanks man

Fake Name
Fake Name

Game’s so good I bought it.

rien rien
rien rien

Latest is 1.15 now, can you please update?

rien rien
rien rien

got updated to 1.17 now

Zero Doro
sebastian retamal

really funny, love this game (y)

Nade Late
Nade Late

Anyone can help me? i cant play the game , it gave me error something about the locale game info cannot be found D:

Jon Stanner
Jon Stanner

Download Japanese Locale and start the game through it. This goes for most games on this site.

Some Thing
Some Thing

manually change the system locale (windows 10). go to:
Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language on the side bar > Scroll down to related settings > Administrative language settings > Change system locale to japan. restart computer

Nade Late
Nade Late

Thanks for the help, but my dumbass self thought it was good to rename the folders where i put my games hidden named with blank or Alt+0143 thats why the game didnt locate the game. I had the same problem with RPG maker games and wolf. I just had to rename the folders with actual letters lol.

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