[SLG] The Imperial Gatekeeper ver.1.42 [JP-EN]

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Circle: Tengsten
Release: May/28/2019
Last Modified: Oct/05/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touching, Buttocks, Serious, Violation, Coercion/Compulsion, Nameless Sex
File Size: 57.6 MB

Change log included (ENG_PatchNotes.txt)

* Story
The protagonist Til was a decorated warrior in battle,
but ended up being dispatched to work in the “immigration bureau” after the war.
Though feeling very disgruntled, Til made his way to his new work “station.”

* System
The functions in this game are played with a mouse.
The player becomes the “gate keeper” of the immigration bureau station.
Be sure to thoroughly examine their paper work to be sure they aren’t dangerous!

As the stages progress, you can access more commands.
You can do a physical exam command to give them a full body check,
or use de-clothing commands to strip them down, as the commands get lewder.
You can be sure to work as a proper gate keeper and gain the trust of the people,
or take advantage of the absolute power you posses…!

* Erotica
Mostly erotic scenes based around pose art sexual assault.
You can sexually touch the bodies of the characters who come to your station.
As the game progresses you can access more commands,
and end up enjoying sex within your station.
There are a rich variety of characters that are ripe for violation!

There are also CG included erotic events for the main character.
Though low in number currently (ver1.0), there are lots of variations.

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Anyone can help me? i cant play the game , it gave me error something about the locale game info cannot be found D:


Download Japanese Locale and start the game through it. This goes for most games on this site.


manually change the system locale (windows 10). go to:
Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language on the side bar > Scroll down to related settings > Administrative language settings > Change system locale to japan. restart computer


Thanks for the help, but my dumbass self thought it was good to rename the folders where i put my games hidden named with blank or Alt+0143 thats why the game didnt locate the game. I had the same problem with RPG maker games and wolf. I just had to rename the folders with actual letters lol.


really funny, love this game (y)


Latest is 1.15 now, can you please update?


got updated to 1.17 now


Game’s so good I bought it.


hmmm the new version 1.22 is glitched. First time you encounter someone with a weapon it says to point it out, but no matter how many times you click on it nothing happens.


yeah… its a bug… click on her mouth and it will go on…


Thanks man


can anyone share a save with some advancement done? dont feel like starting from 0 again


that game remember me Papers,Please!


Very good game, it´s just like Peaper Please, it haves good sex scenes, recomended 😀


Hi, any difference between this version and the last one?


What’s new in this version?


Chill bro


I just asked what’s new in this version. You don’t have to be angry.Lol


I think the Covid-19 agenda stuns you a bit.


Enter at when someone is looking at you at the start ^_^
S & P
Enter at 5 different states ^_^


there is a new update out on the dlsite.


Oh so there’s someone actually notifying there’s an update. My bad, I found out there’s 3 updates just two days ago, and informed FFF right away after that. Didn’t notice there’s someone knowing there’s update already. Enjoy.


Phenomenal game. 10/10. I have loss for words. Probably the best one that I have played here.


question, is there alimitation on marking (Slave) npc ?


This game is kinda boring and repetitive


haha playing as kastam sure is fun