[2D Hentai] XENOANIME Bond MAX N – NTR’ing Bond, NTR’ed Bond

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XENOANIMEキズナMAX N ネトルキズナ、ネトラレタキズナ

Circle: Tsujimo ga Machi ni Yattekita!!!
Release: May/30/2019
File Format: MP4
Genre: Cuckoldry, Facial, Internal Cumshot

Enjoy 2 different animation stories of the ordinary N, and the awakened N!

Part 1 – NTR’ing Bond

A boy is feeling down after his partner is kidnapped.
N*a tries to use her limited lewd knowledge to cheer him up.
However, her true intentions were to NTR him and keep him to herself…

Part 2 – NTR’ed Bond

N*a goes on a mission with an adult man that R*x trusts,
and ends up in a lusty physical relationship with him.
She is driven to corruption by the pleasure of sex with a real man…

Animations: Approx. 15 min
CV: Rio Fujimura

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