[VN] Village of Adventurers 2 [English] (machine translated)

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Developer: Tamamo Studio
Publisher: Paradise Project
Release: Japanese 2013-08-21, English 2017-11-29
Work Format: Visual Novel
Genre: Male Protagonist, Voiced, Monster Girl, Rpg, Strategy, Twins, Anal sex, Creampie, Turn based combat, Group sex, Groping, Milf, Tentacles, Titfuck, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Handjob, Teasing

This is a tactic RPG with Galgame element.
The village you live in will be attacked by all kinds of monsters as the story expands.
As the owner of the village, you’ll need to recruit beautiful adventurers, use magic, build walls, turrets to defend it.

* Create your very own village
Let’s Make Adventurer’s Town! 2 once again lets you freely build in
and roam a world of peasants, vigilantes and monsters.

* Explore dungeons at a brisk pace
Meet chibi characters as you navigate and progress.
Various kinds of magic can be put to good use.

* Protect the village!
As the scenario deepens monsters will threaten all you’ve built.
The protagonist’s magic, vigilante troops, defense towers, the castle walls…
use everyone’s powers to keep the village safe.

* Cute chibi characters
Be entertained by the many actions of kawaii characters comprising over 1700 frames of artwork.
Scour the deep dungeons for materials to build your very own village.

* An all-new story
Dive right in! Even though it’s a sequel, LMAT! 2 can be enjoyed as a standalone plot.

* Built in auto-save, or manually save even during sex scenes

The town operation phase is divided to 2 phases, Instruction Phase and Action Phase. The first phase allows you to build and change settings while the second one lets characters to do their jobs. The goal is to protect the village and grow strong.

You can build you own village as you wish.
Recruit pretty girl adventurers to help you defeat monsters.
Made with over 1700 dynamic graphics, all girls are extremely cute.
You can help your girls with all kinds of magics.
You can fast forward 2, 3 times to save time.

1. In the village, you may need to press Esc very often when you need to return to somewhere. If you find yourself stuck, try Esc.
2. If you want to construct buildings, make sure you have workers, if not, convert a farmer.
3. Click the arrow on the right up corner to end your turn.
4. In adventure phase, you need to select adventurers to begin the adventure.
5. You can instruct the adventurers to purchase items, armor amd wepons when the shop is built.
6. Focusing on level-up is recommended, there will be invaders in a few turns, make sure you won’t be surprised.

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Game crash after Dark Elf capture, any fix or patch regarding this?


Ok first of, it was amazing game. Build your village to Metropolis Walled City. I had lot of funs despite the bug and crashes. Story : 4/5 As usual Hentai story sometimes doesn’t make any sense or anything. But this one quite easy to understand. Graphic : 4/5 The characters are good designed, but might need little bit upgrades. Game : 5/5 Its really difficult at start, and little tutorial frustrate you at the beginning. After some learning you’ll understand it’s actually easy game until you change difficulties ofc. Voice : 5/5 I love the Dark Elf voice. Really something.… Read more »