[SLG] Lost Life ver.1.16 [JP-EN-CH-Uncen] (PC/Android)

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Circle: Happy Lamb Barn
Release: May/26/2019
Last Modified: Dec/06/2019
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touching, Anime, Loli, Roommate, Blowjob, Vanilla Sex
File size: 168MB

For android:
Unofficial uncen APK by miwoj
Before playing, open option and set left and right click to auto then change control from mouse to touch

* Functions
– POV Touchy-Feely Flash Game
– Hand-drawn Animations All in 30FPS
– Touching Gameplay with Wide Range of Customization
– Reaction Changes
– Detailed Undressing Features


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This to PEDO for be, like come on…..get a life pervs.


Yea… it is, and its the most perfect game as of yet.


Is the Android version available though?


I can’t find the save or load button. Every time I close the game it reset to day 1.


Woe kontol tekan kembali 2x ntar kesave sendiri


Neh udah nyampe 37days


If you need to save your data touch ‘back 2 times’ in your phone (after blowjob scene finished)


There wil be the new version of the game ? ( release 01/01/20 ) :

So if the version is only for patrons, there will not be the version in the website ?

patreon have a Uncensored version,check it out


Is this NEW? I thought the least version was 1.16? Im confused….

Ok, well you had my hopes up it was a new pc version. 🙂


How are you supposed to save in the game?


Nice game.


You can get the version uncensored in the patreon of Happy Lamb Barn,also you get access to cowboy and doggy style gift for the next upgrade.


I just wanna leave my experience of playing this game. This game is the most emotional hentai game which I ever played. This story contains spoilers so don’t read this if you do not want to get those. >started this game, >a girl watches me hatefully which made me afraid of her. >” what the heck supposed to do”. >open the door >what now >find an action >click randomly an object. >suddenly watch tv, “oh there is some news, that’s weird. Ok, this game could change the channel? Great! Nice Jojo punch BtWTF IS THIS! WHAT KIND OF NATIONAL TELEVISION… Read more »


She bites your dick off if you fully break her heart by being mean. It’s pretty bad.


Nice run, now for me. >started game >girl staring at me >whothefucareu.png >clicks door >now what >watched all the channels >checks phone >gets closer to gril til bed >*just like the simulations* >starts clicking every action possible >dafuqamidoing.exe >*glass breaking* >guess thats bad >proceeds to do everything wrong >suddenly handjob >whoa.mp3 >starts clicking every action possible 2.0 >sudden headpat >wants to headpat again but forces to blow instead >ohcrap.bat >clicks out of panic >*more glass breaking sounds* >STOP.bat >blows load inside mouth >glad that was over >still succing >wat >bites and RIPS your fucking dick off >WTFFFFFFFF.jpeg aaand there goes… Read more »


some guy mentioned some stuff about not being able to insert until day 30, so I’m going to correct that, it technically takes a long time to get you to like her, but with some speedrun strats and you can insert around day 6-8. day 1, before going to bed, take off her panties and skirt since they take stamina to take off in bed, then give her cunnilingus until you pass out, you want to do this until several days until you at least have half heart when the day begins, I got here in day 8 but I… Read more »


her weak spot is her right breasts and rubs his clit while her panty intact on her (recommend on day 2 because you could take off her uniform). On day 5 you could penetrate her but remember to play with clit and move slowly. On day 7 you will get an initiate blowjob from her. (from my experience)
on days 15 swimsuit costume will available and day 20 will get every variant color (which you could see when you play video on your phone, stream it and click the tv)


just found something
cum inside her, then pull out
after waiting for a short while doing nothing, she’ll start to masturbate


actually, when she near her limit, she will start to masturbate until she satisfied.


I think there is a new update for the game which includes a doggy position and some other stuff.
It’s version 2.0 on DLSite (unless it hasn’t come out yet, but it should be very soon!)


those were gifs which will add in the game soon and contribute to their supporter on patreon


I hope it comes out soon


FFF, you have No Mosaic version??


Will there be a new update?


It almost drove me insane but after 450 days this is what I learned. Heart gain alone will not improve your meter the following day, especially late-game. You can suck her all day but it won’t matter. She likes two things: ‘happy’ hearts and strong orgasms. Stick to panty rubs and tongue for now or w/e gets a smile (it doesn’t need to last tho) First get her to around 90% (when the heart fills) at this point you still need around 8-10 hearts before she climaxes. Now switch to body rubs (If she still hates you rubbing your peen… Read more »


Did some testing and found that finger mashing may be excessive. Sex seems like the safer bet for orgasms. The problem is with rubbing/licking having low orgasm impact.

EDIT: At a certain point gains become very wishy washy. I still cannot seem to max it. I give for now the rest is on you guys good luck!


I need or we need a guide for getting all the vids on the phone, i got sex and oral vids idk if theres more


There aren’t any, but try clicking phone WiFi then the tv to enter appreciation mode if you haven’t already


Any updates?


So FFF how do i download game on my phone?


Sorry, i just very stupid


Woops i found


Lost Life ver.1.16 Uncensored (PC, Android)

I’ve made uncensored android version from uncensored PC version of Lost Life 1.16 i’ve found here:
mirror: https://www41.zippyshare.com/v/W3isr1zF/file.html

i’ve located 2 modified files that disable censorship on pc and copied them into regular Lost Life 1.16 android apk version.
(had to re-sign apk because of some android security stuff).


and it works. censorship gone. yep i’m awesome.



Thanks for all the hard work you put into updating this whole site. It’s my go to for these kinds of games.