[ACT] Little Red Riding Hood goes shopping [English]

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Circle: Nekoshaku
Release: Mar/27/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Loli, Violation, Pervert, Coercion/Compulsion, Rape, Ryona/Brutal

** Story

One day there was a really cute girl. As that girl was wearing a red bonnet, she was called Little Red Hiding Hood.
She had a cute face and huge tits, and was already receiving curious eyes from men.
One day her mother said as follows.
“Little Red Hiding Hood. Take this vibrator around to your grandma’s house. Make sure you greet her properly when you get round to her house”
Her grandma’s house is about 3 hours away from here in the mountains. Little Red Riding Hood was a bit anxious about going on her own.
Her mother then said.
“You are right. Beware not only the monsters, but also the child wearing the black hood. It seems that the black hood girl really hates you.
Of course, there are human boys too. If they catch a girl like you….just imagine what they will do”
Imagining this, Little Red Riding Hood was speechless. She had a rich imagination.
Her mother then said as follows.
“You be careful. Say hello to your grandma”
Little Red Riding Hood left the village, and proceeded along the mountain path.

** Game

This is a horizontal scroll Ryona action game.
There are four screens on each stage and some Black Hood screens, so there are a total of 31 stages until 7-4.
If you step on the enemy, they will be destroyed. If you hit the enemy, they will die.
*Certain enemies cannot be stepped on and will not die even if you hit them.
*There are enemies that will only die with turtles.

The numbers on the top right are the remaining lives, and those below that are counted when you tread consecutively.
If you tread on the enemy 8 times continuously without touching the ground you will get 1UP.

If you hit the enemy, Little Red Riding Hood will become Ryona, and if you lose remaining lives and die, a human will come and rape you.
*If you die with Ryona, you are not raped.

It gets more difficult as you progress in the stages. (The final 2 stages are really difficult)
In stages where lots of enemies appear, you may be able to increase lives endlessly.
It is compatible with the controller, so I hope that you get really into it.
* Switch to the controller with the “E” key.

** Method of operation

“E” – joystick operation switchover
For those users who have a joystick, press “E”.
From that point, you can play with everything using the joystick.
“W” keyboard operation switchover. This switches you over from the joystick to keyboards.
“Enter” – pause
“Right arrow” Proceed to the right
“Left arrow” Proceed to the left
“SPACE” jump. Jump again by pressing the “SPACE” bar during jump.
Jump high by pressing on the enemy with “SPACE”
*2nd stage jump is prioritized, so if you can jump high with the first enemy-stamping jump, keep pressing the “SPACE” bar.

— When using hidden tricks (during game)
If you press the “TAB” key, you can use the hidden tricks. (Some of the hidden tricks can be used even in the trial version).
“Z” Speed-up
“X” Speed-down
“B” Throw turtles.
“R” – Start the present stage from the beginning.
“P” – increase remaining lives.
“ESC” – End game

— When using hidden tricks (title)
“TAB” – Stage select command is displayed.
“TAB” – CG mode (memory) can be selected.

** Sex

The sex scenes with Little Red Riding Hood are in full animation.
Little Red Riding Hood moves very obscenely with lewd gestures!

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