[RPG] The diary of the cheating young married woman, Yuka. [English]

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Circle: Magical Girl Club
Release: Apr/20/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Married Woman, Cheating, Prostitution, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Naughty, Big Breasts

** The Cheating Married Woman game.

The young married woman, Yuka was going through a rough patch with her husband.
She secretly wanted and looked for fun with different kinds of men.

Mr. Ching, the store manager at the suspicious workplace.

Mr. Usui, the wealthy real estate agent

Mr. Sudou, the good looking student.

She was starting to hook onto many men.
What kind of ending is waiting for her?

** System

There are 4 possible endings waiting for her, measured by degrees of life fulfillment, her husband’s suspicion and pregnancy.
(All endings contain sexual scenes.)

— There are a lot of items.
She can learn how to cook so she can reduce her husband’s suspicion and get closer to others.
When you buy items she can masturbate.

— From morning to late at night
There are different people appearing at different times in the city.
Among these people, there are those who look for dating for financial support.

— There is an enormous amount of optional texts for each event.
It contains a life-like feeling of conversations before erotic events.
Experience a cute and erotic married woman.

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