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Circle: Jacksie Create
Release: Nov/16/2013
Work Format: RPG
Genre: PersonificationInternal Cumshot

* Story *
Long ago, hero Loto brought peace to the land.
A maelstrom of debauchery has enveloped this land.

The wet sounds of orgasmic battle rise.
Weapons and armor of yesteryear have no use in this new age…

Demonic ladies dribbling with estrum;
Monster musumes bearing powerful hentai curses and hentai skills;
Tight crevices between the tight thighs of otherworldly vixens

They are consuming lives one orgasm at a time!

* Characters and Events *
Over 50 character/scene works with reimagined female versions of DQ1 monsters,
plus more monsters and heroines from throughout the DQ series.
Dragons and golems, evil soldiers, even the dragon king play roles in a grand tale.
Of course you can expect events at the Chateau Ladutorm, puff puffs
leading to nakadashi at the hot springs and bedtime frolics – don’t get caught!
All the things you once fantasized about but the real game would never deliver…

* System *
Absolutely no grinding necessary! You don’t have to battle again and again.
Monsters you’ve fought with appear with an icon.
Play at your pace not just with who you fight with, but literally pick up the pace
by controlling text speed at 5 levels by pressing the control key.

* Voice Actresses *
Ruse Kazunari
Riruru Kirino
Miyabi Kashiwagi

With pseudo-animation hot, sweet sex battles!
And enemies that reveal specially created bonus CGs when casting spells or attacks!

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