[SLG] Sister Slave ~Faithful Girl’s Slave Training~ ver.1.23 [English-Machine Translated]

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シスタースレイブ ~修道少女奴隷調教~

Circle: laplace
Release: Dec/31/2017
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touching, Successive Orgasms, Anime, Collar/Chain/Hamper, Sister
File Size: 674 MB

You are a discipliner famous for your proficient techniques.
Your business this time is to corrupt a nun , who devoted herself
for saving a church burdened with a huge amount of debt, into a lewd slave.

This is a “Touchy Feely Discipline Simulation” where you sexually discipline
a benevolent, chaste and strong-willed nun girl Mallea into a lewd whoreslave.
She fiercely and amorously moans in this Fully Voiced work (CV: Kotone Akatsuki).

* The “Touchy Feely Discipline Simulation” with intuitive control!
As a sequel to the previous work “Noble Slave”, the game employs
intuitive input method “Touchy Feely Discipline Simulation”.
When undressing her, rubbing her tits, penetrating and so on…
You can adjust intensity and rhythm of caressing Mallea freely.
Of course Mallea’s response to your discipline varies in
relation to how strongly you sexually stimulate her.

* High quality seamless animation!
Using 60FPS sleek animation to give you a realistic experience.
Her tits and butts bounce in response to your titillation.
We especially made effort in transition of her facial expressions,
so please enjoy seeing Mallea’s face that appear differently
over suffering, humiliation and pleasure.

* Plenty of disciplinary moves!
Even more things to do than the previous work are loaded.
Not only in missionary position but also in doggy style position.

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Phoenix Glory

Thanks a lot!!


What was the update?


Love it


Well that’s a first. Couldn’t get it to run using local emulator. Had to just use it the normal way. The translator kept freaking out because it couldn’t get the time zone. *scratches head*




Descarga uno


trying up this one!!
Thank you!




This game was pretty good, but really, really short. Like in less than half an hour you can beat the game. In the first 5 minutes you’ve seen everything. The game files are japanese, so you’d think you’d to run it with a japanese locale emulator, but it actually crashed for me when I did that.