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Circle: Eclipse works
Release: May/18/2014
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Clothed, Fetish, Buttocks, Fantasy, Internal Cumshot, Golden Shower/Urination
File Size: 641MB

Prequel: Magica

Genre: Fantasy RPG for adults
CGs: Main 40 / Approx 350 variations
Features: Multiple endings, turn based command battle, kisekae (clothes change), clothing damage, etc.

Concept: Explore vast locations & unlock free events as a lone female adventurer in an R-18 fantasy realm.

Story: In the woods of Misthorn, a faraway land nestled between craggy mountains,
Flan the village girl discovered a maze that trapped a great evil.
That was the end of her tranquil, average life as she knew it…

CG events: Hardcore sex scenes await you through player choice and discovery…

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I want to recommend this


Simple the one of best hentai RPG ever made, i totally recommend this.


Sure would be nice if there was an option to adjust the audio in this game. I don’t understand why so many fucking Japanese RPG maker games just refuse to allow an option menu like that, having the battle music get blasted into the ear and drown out any sound effects is just cancerous.