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Circle: AlexProject
Release: Mar/12/2019
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Drama/Daily Living, Coercion/Compulsion, Upskirt/Spy Photo, Big Breasts

* Control
Up/Down/Left/Right arrows: Move/Select
Z/ENTER: Confirm
X/ESC: Cancel/Menu
C: Steal

* Note
This game requires DirectX 9.0c.

* Story
Tramp SLG.
Pick garbage in the town.
Find secrets of local residents.
And threaten them for your own benefits.

HP, SP, SAN, Charm, knowledge and skills are keys to this game.
Morning, noon, afternoon and evening, the town and NPC would change depend on time.
You need to explore the town to get more information about heroines.

The main aim is to find a job and end your homeless life.
You need to buy new clothes to increase the max charm to find a job.
This is a world of money and you do what you like.

There are 4 heroines and 12 endings.
Basic CG 21, a part of which is animated with cum scene.

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