[RPG] Ghoul x Ghoulah [JP-EN]

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Circle: Color Jelly
Release: Feb/06/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Puni, Zombie, Fantasy, R*pe, Brainwashing
File Size: 87.6 MB
Sequel: Ghoul x Ghoulah Compagna

I died in a town ruled by occult worshippers.

However, a girl named Mareeka resurrected me.
At her proposal, we collaborated on revenge.

Follow the story of the undead protagonist and Mareeka
in the town where he died, switching between day and night.
attacking girls, spreading the “infection” of undeath.

Ghoul x Ghoulah is a zombie fantasy ADV novel.

H events with 12 characters
H scenes spanning 14 base CGs

Created with Wolf RPG Editor 2.
This is NOT an RPG! Please don’t misunderstand.

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Surprisingly sweet. Would like a sequel translated.


It was much better than expected. LOVE this game

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