[RPG] Nymphomania Paradox ver.1.10c [English-Official]

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Circle: TechnoBrake
Release: Aug/11/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Buttocks, Dirty Talk, Long Hair, Brunet Hair, Tanned Skin/Suntan, Chubby/Plump
File Size: 521MB

Ruriko Saionji is a real noble girl who attends to “Sei Man Kou Academy”,
an extraordinarily prestigious women’s school. Her clean and neat appearance,
smart manners and outstanding performance on both study and sports attract schoolmates’ attentions.

However, she has a hidden side that no classmates can ever imagine.
That secret gradually leads her from an intelligent lady to a loose slut…

In this summer vacation, she even boosts her own limitless sensuality!

An erotic RPG created using “RPG TKool MV”.
In this summer vacation (1st Aug~1st Sep), you unlock
various events by exploring around the city. Two criteria
of her changing personality “Sultriness” and “Sociability”
Influence the scenario and events.

Relatively many number of gapeface scenes are contained.
This is not that an innocent and pure girl corrupts into the pleasure,
but rather she originally has slutty mind in heart, and will get even more.

Shota (young boy) / creepy middle-aged guy / NTR (cuckoldry) fetishes are also contained.

Clothing / hair color / skin color can be edited.

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come on my criticism, well, I finished the game, and I can consider that it is a good game in terms of scenes H, but I think I believe that it plays a big part in the NTR item, which I see until the site removed this tag from him, in the story in most of the time you play as the childhood friend of a male character, and then you can have sex with other people besides him, well, in japan it looks like a childhood friend kind of represents an unofficial wife, but this is the west, so… Read more »


This game is decent. It has good H scenes, but unfortunately there aren’t many. Additionally, the game pigeonholes you into mostly making money by being wholesome, which is a bit annoying.