[3D Hentai] That summer, with you at the pool [60FPS-Engsub]

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Circle: Amelialtie
Release: May/22/2015
File Format: MKV
Genre: Clothed, Childhood Friend, Swimwear, Blowjob, Little Erotic

“”I guess I can do something you want me to do one more time…””
To thank all of you who purchased this product, an additional bonus movie is now available! (Please redownload the product if you have already downloaded it.)

*The cleavage gradually becomes slippery!
Relaxed chatting at first, but it gets faster and hotter,,,
Until you cum between her boobs!

*Breast sex while having a chat
“”Such a naughty sound… The guard is going to hear…””
“”Look… it’s getting all slippery… again…””

Enjoy your time with Kanako a little more.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Summer afternoon in a countryside town.
Childhood friend Kanako swims at the local pool.
I haven’t seen her in some years…

Realistic facial expressions, gestures, eye contact
Fully voiced + sound effects + environmental effects

High quality 3DCG animation
English text / Japanese voice

Detailed items from the swimsuit and its textures
to goggles, locker key wristband, etc.

Remember “”your”” summer with Kanako…

The girl only has eyes for you.

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Kenny Leung

Do you happen to have the bonus epilogue movie too?