[2D Hentai] A Netorare Video Message From The Absconded Wife (Motion Comic Version) #1

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Circle: survive
Release: Dec/29/2018
File Format: MP4
Genre: Depression, Married Woman, Cuckoldry, Sexual Training, Pervert, Scatology

A well-received CG collection by “sannyuutei” presented in Motion Comic style!
The fappability has been even boosted with smoothly moving animations!

She disappeared without a trace. He put it behind him, until the video arrived…

Experience the heartwrenching rage and arousal of being cheated on from the cuckold husband’s POV.

Anal plug, fist f*ck, scat, dirty talk, verbal abuse… etc.


– Piercings on vagina and nipples
– Breast groping and fingering by two
– Anal fist from behind
– Blowjob -> Peeing
– Cowgirl sex
– Womb-hitting missionary sex
* Contains scatological expressions. Please be warned.

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