Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator ver.3.12 [English-Uncen] (VR Supported)

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Developer/Publisher: Adeptus Steve
Release: 2018-12-28
Genre: 3D game, Male protagonist, Sci-fi, Virtual reality, Adventure, Fantasy

A long time ago, Earth was destroyed in a global thermonuclear war.

Soon afterwards, a global sickness started to spread through radioactive contaminated air. Fewer and fewer women were born until, humanity was close to extinction. To escape our dying planet, an Ark was built to find a new home for humanity.

Key Game Features:
– Playable in VR and Non-VR
– High quality graphics fully uncensored
– Full-body interaction (NPC/Player Body)
– Discover a vast amount of toys hidden in the lab
– Two unique characters in a lovely crafted sci fi environment
– Detailed sexual content
– Voiceovers by German Erotic Model “Anny Aurora”
– Enjoy six different amazing synthwave tracks
– Punishment system: Behave as the bot likes, abuse may end up in punishment.

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Holly crap I JUST posted this in the requests thank you SO much! 😀


game starts in vr even tho my headset issn’t plugged in, then a black screen, then it crashes.
edit : now it shows some loading screen “They see me loading”, then crashes. still starts in vr.

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