[RPG] Sexy Girls Hunt ver.1.2 [English]

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Circle: Bronze 5 Box
Release: Jul/08/2015
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Fantasy, Internal Cumshot, Naughty, Titjob, R*pe

* Easy controls
Everything can be done with the mouse!

* Battle
Climax in sex fights that are hot, sexy and animated!

* Settings options
Customize your experience points and game speed for an even faster victory

* Quests and minigames
Solve the concerns of girls (not just with battle) and play games within the game

* Story
“Lucas” the succubus hunter gets a royal mission to punish sexy girls

* Contents
12 base succubus, 31 total incl. variations
10 girls who gives quests
6 varieties of minigame
Battles, quests and minigames all have voice
Animation is created from over 4000 frames

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