[3D Hentai] Do-S Loli Bitch Idol Miracle Change! Choco! Pine (Video Only-60FPS)

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ドS・ロリビッチ・アイドル みらくる☆ちぇんじ グー!チョコ!パイン☆

Circle: miconisomi
Release: Jul/26/2013
File Format: MKV
Genre: Breasts, Anime, Loli, Cosplay, Idol

Everyone knows the name of super-famous bishoujo idol Haruna Fukuhara.
Her nickname is Pine-chan, from the TV show she stars in. She sings, she does action,
the girl is truly multi-talented.
Now there’s a new campaign for her fans. The winner gets to be “Pine-chan’s Manager For A Day!”
That person will have total autonomy over Haruna. What could go wrong?

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