[ACT] PAIO HAZARD ver.7.1 [English]

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Circle: digital onahooole
Release: Dec/23/2017
Work Format: <2strong>Action
Genre: Pregnancy/Impregnation, Violation, Gangbang, Tentacle, Bestiality, Big Breasts

Lina is an extremely talented female detective who has traveled to a certain
town to investigate the strange disappearances of numerous homeless people.
According to the local info-broker, it would seem that all the homeless that have
disappeared were approached with offer of a high paying job before their disappearance.

While speaking with the broker, suddenly, a thick fog envelops the town
and upon breathing in that fog… the info-broker suddenly transforms!

His skin to a purplish haze, his conscious no longer, he screams
out like a zombie and suddenly punches Lina, blowing her away.

While certainly bewildered by the unrealistic circumstances… Lina attempts
to escape from the dangerous predicament that she has found herself in…

* Town Stage (Tutorial)
The women are being assailed by men, effected by the strange fog…
and while you want to call for help, for some reason there is no reception.
Control Lina, defeat the infected and save the innocent townsfolk.
If you run out of bullets… then dish out a serving of kick-ass.

Because if you don’t…

* An R18 Action Game
Explore, solve puzzles and fight your way through this action game.
Break down doors, save the innocent, gather items and info… Assist
Lina to uncover the inconvenient truth and fight against a wild conspiracy!

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rar file asks for password what should i do?