[RPG] Platinas experience – Fox daughter’s sexy human experience [English]

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Circle: Chanpuru X
Release: Jan/27/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Internal Cumshot, Violation, Coercion/Compulsion, Rape, Tentacle, Animal Ears

** Prologue

One silver fox always longed to be human and live like a human.
A witch then suddenly appears in front of the silver fox and offered to make her human.
With such a sudden suggestion, she thought there must be something behind it, but more than anything wanted to be a human.
So she got her to make her a human
The silver fox who became a human called herself Huck, and went to a human town.
This raised the curtain on her human life…


A silver fox who yearned to be human was made human by a witch. She was called Huck.
The first time she went to a human town, she realized that money was necessary even to buy food
so she accepted a request from the adventurer’s guild to make money.
On the request of the adventurer’s guild, she went to subdue the bandits and monsters, but…

** Sex scene

– When sleeping homeless, she was r*ped multiple times
– Multiple r*pe with bandits
– Tentacled monster
– Giant insects
– When drunk after having alcohol pushed ono her by customers at the bar.
– At a sex shop with a customer…
– Tentacled r*pe
– Lewdness, hedonism……etc. etc.

**Selling points of the game

-There are still remnants of when she was a fox, and for all sex scenes has ears and a tail.
-Multiple r*pe involving multiple men. Involves bukkake situations.
-You can move to sex scenes without hesitation, and not needing to go through complex branches or increasing of levels.
-The innocent girl becomes entangled in human society, and starts having sex.


Name: Huck (silver fox)
Age: Unclear
Personality: As she had only seen the bright side of human life, she has an innocent personality.

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