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Circle: PanzerSoft
Release: Feb/17/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Breasts, Queen/Princess, Fantasy, Interspecies Sex, Blonde Hair, Ryona/Brutal

Since ancient times, the Enerv Kingdom has possessed
the technology of generating energy from crystals.

With that great power which no other nation could replicate,
the Enervian civilization flourished throughout the ages.

However, things were not always nice and pretty.
Hungry to know the secrets of their technology,
it was often that neighboring rival nations would
put down the pen and pick up the sword.

The war with the Wizard of the North is
a conflict caused by this very impetus.

It was one week ago, that the Wizard
began their assault on the North Fort of Enerv.

…And within merely a few days,
the fort was near total decimation.

At that time, the princess of Enerv, Pricia
was summoned to the North Fort.

With both anticipation and worry in her heart,
Princess Knightess Pricia heads to the North Fort…

* Since this game employs 3D graphics, the system requirements of this game are relatively higher.
Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version BEFORE purchasing.

[About the Trial Version]
The trial version contains only:
– 3 Tower Defense Stages (out of 14)
– 4 Monsters (out of 7)
– 4 H Animations (out of 23)

* On Field Map (outside of battle)
– Move: WASD/Left Click
– Choose: Z key/Left Click
– Cancel/Menu: X key/Right Click
– Open Menu: X key
– Dash: Shift key

* In Tower Defense Battle
– Move: WASD
– Direct Camera Forward: F key
– Shot/Push Button: Left Click
– Move Camera: Dragging with Right Button of Mouse
– Zoom In/Out: Scroll Wheel

* Other
– On/Off Fullscreen: F11

* You can choose the difficulty level from:

* Please note that this game is NOT designed to be played with a gamepad.

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is this the full version?


Can you upload the English version if possible? Thanks


doesn’t want to start downloading, like the status stays at Downloading… and the size is 0 B. Its not the only game that does that.