[RPG] Exor-Sister Yui ver.1.01 [English]

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Exor-sister 結

Circle: TeamJOKER
Release: Nov/04/2018
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Swimwear, Tentacle, Robot Sex, Interspecies Sex

This is the English version of “Exor-sister Yui [Japanese Ver.] (RE227761)” [DLsite Official English Translation]
* Please note that some texts remain in Japanese (Unchangeable texts related to the game engine)

The best of the best. The most powerful of female Exorcists… “EXORSISTER”.
Ordered by the church, Yui Kagura sets off on her mission to investigate
a serial poltergeist incident, but awaiting her was… a nefarious trap set by
the evil spirits specifically for the purpose of tormenting human woman.

An RPG containing tentacles, interspecies violation, masturbation, etc.
– Erotic Events (Normal story events + upon defeat violation)
– Erotic scenes in battle
– Dress-up / Costumes

Upon receiving enemy attacks the protagonist’s spirit will decrease.
When her spirit is low, certain attacks will cause her to reach orgasm.

Being defeated will cause a Game Over. However, you will simply be
returned to your homepoint, so game progress will not be lost.

Erotic event CG reflect the costume that the protagonist is wearing.

27 erotic events in total (including defeat scenes)
+ 2 mini erotic events
10+ enemies that perform erotic attacks

The bonus map available after clearing the game contains several erotic events.

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