[RPG] Nina and the Dungeon of Beastly Pleasure [JP-EN]

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Circle: Fox Muffler
Release: Dec/21/2018
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Breasts, Onesan/Older Girl/Older Sister, Tentacle

Nina is a female adventurer visiting historical ruins all across the world.
Control Nina to explore dungeons!

There are 6 dungeons with mechanical monsters, tentacled monsters, goblins and so on and on…

When she comes under a monster’s restraining attack, her pose art changes!

Illustrations of all heroines are animated!

There are multiple dress-up patterns. Pose art illustrations change when talking to a tailor in towns.

13x events + secret event

Heroine Images/Animation Patterns
– Pose Art: 15
– In-battle: 18
– Event: 24

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