[3D Hentai] Sprite Brainwash Factory 2

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妖精洗脳改造ファクトリー 2

Circle: monoxide.jp
Release: Apr/24/2018
File Format: HTML + Movie
Genre: Loli, Elf/Fairy, Robot Sex, Brainwashing, Futanari/Dick girl, Body Modification

In this machine r*pe animated 3DCG work, twin sisters are completely
and utterly brainwashed and modified into sex slaves. Vol.2.


Welcome to a factory where sprites are caught and
turned into living onaholes / fl*shlights (male masturbation toys).
Enjoy as the sprite twins we caught today undergo an onslaught
of mechanical titillation and have both their minds and bodies
processed into adult toys that have no other purpose in lives…


That sort of story lies behind this animation work.
Please enjoy seeing the manufacturing process of
making two sprites into onaholes mercilessly.

* Situations
Brainwashing, modification, machine r*pe, drug addiction, expansion,
belly bulge, futanarification, breast expansion, robot arms, soaked into brainwashing drug etc.

* Twin Sprites
You can choose your favorite breast size!
A steady big sis is in charge of big breasts and a pure-minded lil’ sis is in charge of flat chest.
Of course, includes scenes where they are r*ped together and r*pe each other!

– Equivalent to 80 minutes total playtime / 720p resolution / 24 fps
– Breast size is selectable!
– Gallery mode for gazing at her sullied state.
– Character voice performed by Hiiro Mamiya.
– BGM in the introduction video credited to MaouDamashii

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