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Circle: eryngii toro salmon
Release: Oct/11/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Dot/Pixel, Anime, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Robot Sex, Interspecies Sex

BYURURU LABYRINTH is recommended for:
– fans of pixel-art erotica
– fans of slutty girls
– fans of internal cumshot
– fans of interspecies sex
– fans of machine f*ck!

* Overview

Circle “eryngii toro salmon” presents a Side-Scroller “Rocket” Action Pixel H game
“BYURURU LABYRINTH”! An explorer named Donatie-chan falls into a labyrinth
where loads of erotic monsters and erotic robots are crawling for a prey……!
With a rocket of which power is linked with her sexual pleasure, let’s escape from the labyrinth!

When Donatie-chan is given an unimaginable amount of pleasure, the rocket levels up.
Let’s get orgasms in many ero trap rooms situated on the way!

* Features
The erotic pixel animations are presented in best-ever quality in eryngii toro salmon’s history!
Donatie-chan will come under pleasuring sexual assault in smooth and sextremely fappable animations!
Not only basic monsters such as orcs and tentacles, but also minotaurs, golem and other bigger monsters…!
Their formidable c*cks screw her girly p*ssy with no hesitation…
Will she be able to stay sane……?

* Many H Events Are Prepared!
Donatie-chan will be physically restrained and forced to cum over again and again.
But it’s for the sake of rocket science so don’t hesitate! Go to ero trap rooms!
There’re loads of situations such as brush-wheel, vibrator, ass-in-the-wall orc etc etc!

* Reminiscence Mode Is Implemented!
You can replay H scenes after you clear the game.
Also, some post-game contents for completionists……?

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