[RPG] Sonia and the Hypnotic City [English]

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Circle: StudioNAZE
Release: Nov/23/2018
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Female Heroine Only, Soapland, Fantasy, Sleep Sex, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Prostitution, Urination, Harassment, Corruption, Multiple Endings

Translator Note:
Some of the combat images are left untranslated since the creator decided to create an individual image for every 5 percent change in attack status for a few different areas. That would mean editing 105 images, which I’m not going to invest the time into doing.

On a certain mission, a divine knight named Sonia visits a town, where “hypnotism” is widely practiced!
This is an “Uptempo RPG” with H events triggered by even every one of short walks!
(pretty much like our previous title “Rubia’s Ordeal”)

The heroine of this title, Sonia is a divine knight of the King’s Church. Receiving an emergency
contact from a town, the church sends Sonia on a mission to solve a hypnosis incident taking place in the town.

With their chastity controlled, townspeople have sexual intercourse on the street!
Men got hypnosis items and do all the things all around the town!
Her subordinates fall into a trap soon after they arrive in the town!
Even worse, her operation fund is stolen!
Sonia struggles to save the town in the face of hardship!

– Taking bath with men while mistaking men for women under hypnosis
– Sexual harassment in public while working at clothing store under hypnosis
– Hypnotized to believe in fake public restroom manners
– Working as a maid in a rich man’s mansion under hypnosis
– Sneaking into a bar in the guise of a pole dancer
– Hypnotized and put to sleep, then bukkake
– Hypnotized and put to sleep, then intercrural sex
– Prostitution event (hypnosis: pleasure amplification)
– Prostitution event (hypnosis: controlling feeling of love )
– [Bad Ending] Losing in gamble and ending up being a sex slave (chained and multi-hypnotized)
– [Bad Ending] Peeing sex show at a bar
– [Bad Ending] Defeated in a slum
– [Bad Ending] Loose whore
* There are over 36 H events!

You will get a scene replay item after a corresponding H event so that you can see the H event anytime.
There are bad endings but you can go back to the timing before it after seeing the H event.
Also, the scene replay item of the bad ending will be given even when you avoid the bad ending.

Designed to provide you a stress-free gameplay experience with message skip and auto messaging functions.

Reminiscene/Scene replay room will be available upon clearing the game.
An endgame save data is contained.

[About H Scenes]
Please enjoy H scenes on big 1280×720 size window!
Real-time system log pops up on the left side of the window (please see the demo movie).
Showing changes in heroine’s state as logs is awesome, isn’t it? “Log Fetish” if to name it?

[For Those Who Have Already Played the Trial]
In the retail version, there is an option to “start the game from the end of the trial version”
so you do not have to repeat the same gameplay.

[About Operation]
* This game is created with RPG TKool MV.
The game operation is smoother than the previous title thanks to improvements in background processing.

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very good game