[SLG] Sex With a Girl in the WC! [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: Aokumashii
Release: Jul/26/2015
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Clothed, Touching, Girl, Loli, Romance, Molestation, Hairless
File Size: 113 MB

1. Submitted by anonymous
2. The UI isn’t translated, Just the conversational text.
3. Noticed the game breaks (both untranslated and translated) if not run through the exe

* Konatsu Mishima, the little girl who lives next door, is cute as a button.
She knows and trusts all her neighbors and likes to visit during summer.
These days Konatsu is so pretty… it’s hard to stay decent.

* This is a touching flash game. Click Konatsu’s clothes to remove them and drag to touch her.
You can play a sample scene in the trial version so please enjoy that.

* Ecchi scenes have auto piston action. You can adjust speed, foot position, etc.

* Voice acting is moans and sighs only.
Voice credit: Tiger Lily / CV: Ryo Suzuki

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Link 2

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So this is the same VA of Lost Life. This might be cool. Thank you!


Other than the VA seems similar to Lost Life, this game is completely different. The title said it all, in WC only and only tease in couch. VA only says Aaah, and Dame, quite predicted judging from the game’s size. Very quick game, I’m confident most of you here are expert in One Handed skill, or maybe Two Handed, I don’t wanna know. This game is quite fapable since its give mouse free in later game. Anyway its boring game to me. But have fun nonetheless.

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all link is corrupt