[ACT] I wanna flirt with Mashu! But it’ll be NTR if I lose~ (JP)

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Circle: takuranJP
Release: Nov/29/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Cross-section View, Cuckoldry, Internal Cumshot, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Breast Milk, Gangbang

An H shooting adventure game where the story changes when you win/lose in events!

* 51 scenes (28 erotic)
peeing, blowjob, swallowing, internal cumshot, pregnancy, milking,
gangbang, NTR/cuckoldry, flirting, X-ray view, missionary sex, doggy style sex etc.

* You can move the camera freely thanks to the real-time 3D technology.

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Is anyone else having difficulty finishing the final mission?

[spoiler title=”I can get to the top of the gymnasium but after that I cant do anything.
I cant get the girl to move to my position and I cannot get the gangplank to lower.
I am beginning to think that this game was never really finished. “]

If anyone has found out a way to beat it please share.