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Circle: Tied Peach
Release: Nov/17/2018
File Format: MP4
Genre: Breasts, Drug, Office Worker, Suit, Humiliation

* Story
The protagonist is in a job interview that he can’t fail.
The interviewer is Ayaka, a daughter of the company’s CEO.
When Ayaka is going to decide not to employ him, he makes
their roles reversed using a secret tool and takes revenge on her.

Now, the protagonist is the interviewer and Ayaka is the interviewee.
Knowing that she can’t fail, he asks too much of her.

– Dance almost naked
– Checking breasts
– Fellatio skill evaluation
– Aphrodisiac / Humiliation
– Pleasuring sex test

Full-animation in 33 minutes
Soft & huge breasts
Motion capture dance
Realistic view of vagina

1280×720 resolution (HD)
22 Bonus CG

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