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Developer: Circle Gyu
Publisher: Kagura Games
Release: 5 Aug, 2023
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Married Woman, Childhood Friend, Cuckoldry, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Childbirth, Orgy Sex, Tentacles, Anal
File Size: 842 MB

Leonard Poire, the famous treasure hunter, died years ago. Most of the treasures he found were since plundered by bandits, but he left behind a series of riddles about a legendary treasure that only a hunter as great as him will be able to find.

Mai, a seemingly ordinary girl, has always dreamed of visiting another world filled with treasure and adventure. When she finally finds her way to one, she discovers the people there are just like her: obsessed with treasure! It’s a world full of treasure hunters and bandits alike.

She wanted to explore this new world with her good friend Kenichi, but instead, their enemy Takuya comes with her. Even worse, he’s gained mysterious powers in the process of coming to the new world and joined forces with its evil inhabitants.

The world’s filled with people of magical species, from yetis to divinities, all of whom may pose a threat to Mai on her journey. Will Mai make her dreams come true, or will she stumble before the legion of foes who oppose her? Defeat all comers and solve the riddles along the way to find the legendary treasure!

Every weapon will teach you new abilities to use in battle. Use status effects and strategy to take down your enemies!

Explore and solve riddles to gain more powerful weapons and items. But be warned: while bosses have a fixed strength, regular enemies grow stronger as Mai does! Simple grinding won’t be enough to win without strategy!

Key Features:
Explore a Sizable World
The world of Merlin is full of optional adventures, ranging from the comedic to the tragic. It’s up to you which ones you want to pursue.

Choose Your Approach
Stubbornly take down every obstacle or take the easy way out and accept Takuya’s aid. It’s your choice which path to take.

Get the Best Ending
Mai and the Legendary Treasure has a full 10 endings, ranging from heartbreaking to triumphant. Only by following the best path can you obtain the true ending.

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Seed please <3
I’ll seed back too


8 hours in length, the true treasure comes from getting the true ending in this game which requires the player to first be a virgin

True ED Spoiler
and then refusing your childhood friend’s proposal to bed him

For a hentai game, the story really touches the heart string especially for those who’ve abandoned their childish fantasy to better acclimate themselves into the harsh reality of adulthood. If the NTR is discouraging, it can be easily avoided by simply choosing to refuse advances. It’s highly recommended to enjoy the game with a spoiler-free walkthrough to experience all the joy and surprises the game brings, especially the true end.

10/10 would cry tears of joy at true end again.

True End Song for those who’ve unlocked it
Saikai no Yakusoku – Kuyuri


Just so you all know there’s Oct 23 2018 version, this would need an update.


You son of a bitch… You did it… It has been a long time since i finally cry out of joy… The true ending didn’t just give me a great entertainment… it gave me a great valuable life lessons… whoever made this game i hate you for giving me a hope… thank you.


hello can you re-seed pls ill back soon