[RPG] Treasure Hunter Mai [English]

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Circle: Doujin Circle Gyu!
Release: Aug/09/2015
Work Format: RPG
Last Modified: Oct/23/2018
Genre: Married Woman, Childhood Friend, Cuckoldry, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Childbirth, Orgy Sex

This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.

*** A freestyle adventure-explorer RPG with interlinked systems and all recruitable characters
Over 103 base CGs (about half of which are animated), over 1200 total variations CGs ***

One year and 3 months in the making, Doujin Circle Gyu! presents Treasure Hunter Mai,
a merciless porn RPG on the them of violent cuckoldry! Dogeza! Pregnancy and birth!
Hot stripping. Prostitution of various kinds. AV porn. Interspecies sex. Often animated!

* Story

She found the old map at a used book store. A map to a legendary treasure
hidden by the great treasure hunter Leonard Puwall… in an entirely different dimension.
Perky hunter Mai Takarada, her friend Kenichi, and Kenichi’s tagalong pal Takuya
go to this alternate dimension and into a limestone cave.
But they’re not the only ones looking for the treasure…

* Characters

Mai Takarada – protagonist
Kenichi – childhood friend
Takuya – Kenichi’s toady
Aina – treasure hunter / swordswoman
Abel – treasure hunter / Aina’s husband
Mirum – member of shonen gang
Camilla – treasure hunter/ sorceress

* Contents

103 base CGs, approx. 1200 total CGs
About half the base CGs are animated

CG / Scene replay modes
9 possible endings
Party recruiting option

Other features include kisekae/dressup mode (Q button), customizable pose art,
naming system, lewdness/erotica parameters, 5 dash speeds, window frame toggle,
music options for battles/overworld, dual wielding for all characters, combo system

I hope you enjoy the game. Try recruiting everyone!

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