[ACT] When My City Stops Moving [English]

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Circle: Miracle Heart
Release: Apr/05/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Time Stopping, Violation, Blowjob, Humiliation, Rape, Big Breasts

* Apr 5th 2018

Updated to English Version!! [DLsite Official Translation]

— Bonus Animation Added in Update — lol

1. Added wipe animation.
(3 girls make a come back after being removed during production stage.)
Checkout their big wipe animation. 3 stages come with.
Many people requested more people in the background so for the 3 bonus stages I added them in. Haha

(Other bonus functions)
1. ON / OFF voice toggling as per request.
For those that don’t want the voices to play.
2. NO ACTION mode implemented.
Pressing T in game will stop the enemies from coming.
Concentration becomes max. Do whatever you want!
3. Pressing T while walking in town will take you to the next map.
4. Pressing SHIFT while walking in town will raise movement speed.

A loser otaku… that was me.
Coming home from work, I’d cross paths with a pretty high school girl every day.
She was young, her skin just perfect and personality so vibrant.
An existence that I cherished from afar. Like an object of worship.

Until now…

I wished for a few seconds more to stare at the girl.
I thought about time stopping… and, it did!

Really? REALLY!? Was this a dream? What? WHAT?
My pretty girl was motionless! A JK frozen in time!
Could I look up her skirt? Would she get angry?

Waaaaaaahooooo her panties are white! I knew they would be!
Is it too pervy to touch her? Yes. No.

Maybe I’ll just feel a little… … OhhHhYEAHHH!
So soft!! So this the so called near extinct Virgin P*ssy!

Hmmmm. Stilled stopped… I must concentrate…
For perhaps… It’s okay that I stick it in?
She’s not saying no so, I guess that it is, right? Right!? …

* Action
When you are concentrating time stands still but,
once your concentration runs out, it will begin to flow once more.

When time is stopped, your Conscience comes to attack you.
Making contact with yourself, decreases Concentration and increase Conscience.
The more you defeat your Conscience, the more your Concentration increases.

Have your way with the frozen still girls in this Action Game.
The pure, good-minded high school girl you covet.
“I was always watching you.”

The bratty gyaru who looks down her nose at you.
Take this you slut~! 6 creampie cumshots will see you 100% pregnant!

A JK on the phone, a JK sitting on a chair…

A mother and daughter, both beautiful, shopping by bicycle!

Tease girls in the pockets of time which pass to outsiders in the blink of an eye.
When you’re done, time starts again, and in a debilitating shockwave: her orgasms!

They’re overwhelmed by sudden, continuously shocking pleasure!!
Screaming out of nowhere on the footpath! A hellish cumbliss awaits!!
The onlookers look on in horror and amusement!
If you still have some concentration left in you, you can roll back time (lol)
Enjoy the writhing wretched sight of girls in the throes of spine arching pleasure!

Miracle Heart presents to you their signature hand drawn full animation!
Handdrawn for more realistic expression with fine turned erotic situations!

* Bonus Content
2 omake scenes have been added w/ 2 girls: fellatio, cunnilingus

* Notes
The full version contains cheat mode, CG mode.
Those who prefer to skip the game can easily access the ecchi content.

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can you make an apk version of this game? and uncensored version if you can