[ACT] ViotoXica -Vore Exploring Action RPG- ver1.01 [English]

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Circle: Xi
Release: Nov/11/2016
Work Format: Action
Genre: Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Vore, Restraint, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Ryona/Brutal

* A princess in a pure white dress, wholly devoured by a Monster.
Like, OMG… Vore is so CUTE! *
That there, that is the kind of feelings that prompted the creation of this game.


– Added a strength testing area “Jihama the prison island of despair”
After you have cleared the game you can travel here.
Only in this area can you get a game over from enemy damage.

– On the world map added a feature for easier identifying the connections
between different areas.

– When standing onto of area warp points, area name is now displayed

– When losing in a boss fight which causes game over, players now have
the option to resurrect with full CP.

– Fixed a bug that dispalyed CP incorrectly when the CP exceeds 1000.

– Altered the damage equation for poison swamps / lava areas touched
just after warping into a new area.


* Game Overview
A 2D sidescrolling exploration action RPG full of Vore Monsters!
When our heroine princess Cheryl is defeated by one of these monsters
she is wholly devoured and an erotic movie of her struggle begins.

* Story
The heroine of this game Cheryl is a princess who has been incarcerated on island Veria.
While it was bad enough this desolate island is not shown on any map and thus Cheryl cannot hope to be rescued… the island is absolutely swarming with VORE MONSTERS!
Can our princess escape ‘safely’ from this lair of vore monsters? Or…

– Players can freely travel and explore the map, returning to any previous points.
It is also possible to save the game at any time.

– By obtaining key items, the character can proceed to previously locked locations
thus expanding the range of exploration available.

– By obtaining magical / special items the character can;
double jump, roll (dodge), pick up heavy objects, high jump, reduce heat damage, etc.

– As Cheryl’s level increases, the player can choose from 5 types of level up styles.

– By spending skill points skills can be obtained.
3 focus type branches: Attack / Life / Mobility

– Through the art of alchemy, combine elements and crystal to create new equipment.

– Trophy and achievement system implemented (with bonuses for completion)

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