[RPG] Virgin Island [English-Partially Uncensored] (100% save included)

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Developer/Publisher: K Create Room
Release: 29/Jul/2012
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Fantasy, Virgin, Bukkake, Tentacles, Monsters, outdoor

Rifi, a treasure hunter, is looking for “Lithograph of the Virgins of the Goddess.” For this, she sails to the island Karapa inhabited by monsters. However, this is not the only danger awaits her. Men who are ready to do anything for money, lustful demons, and a mysterious group that is in the shade. Can you help find a “lithograph” and protect Rifi, a girl with a pure heart? There’s multiple sex events all over the island. Can you keep Rifi intact until the end of the game?​

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Excuse me, but why is it still censored?


The game doesn’t seem to want to launch. When I launch it I get an error that says: RGSS202J.DLL not found.

I’m using a Japanese locale too.


I don’t know if anyone else is getting this error in recollection room using the full save slot, when going to the right of the recollection room and speaking to the top character 4th one along, error message pops up

nomethoderror Japanese text all over 332 Japanese text
undefined method pages for nil:nill:class

anyone else getting that?
I’m not new to running these games think so far everything else works fine except for that bit. I’ll do some google searching and if i find a fix i’ll let you all know.