[3D Hentai] Afterschool Restraint [English]

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Circle: Nylon heart
Release: May/07/2010
File Format: EXE
Genre: Uniform, Gym Shorts, School Swimwear, School, Bukkake, SM

ENGLISH version translated by native English professional translators. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese)

An old childhood friend approaches the main character to talk about the boy she loves.
But the girl’s weakness is abused and she ends up on the receiving end of all kinds of punishment. Day after day he takes advantage of her after school is out, forcing her to wear all kinds of clothing, like a school uniform, a swimsuit, and gym clothes.

Total of 161 shots!
More shots and a longer runtime than in our previous release!

From the tips of hairs, to the flow of fluids, and even the texture of skin and the fine wrinkles of clothing, this smooth full animation has the incredible power to draw you into the scene with design that goes far beyond traditional cel-shaded animation!
Even the cum looks great with fluid simulation in the newly added cross section diagram function!

Cross section diagram display ON/OFF selection.

Full voice acting + sound effects + background music.

Simple and convenient control system that allows you to use the mouse or the numeric keypad.
A simple design that allows you to quickly access all functions with one hand! Whenever you like you can move to different shots, return to previous shots, and even make menu selections!

Plays at a resolution of 800×600 SVGA.

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