[2D Hentai] Ime-chen! My Sister! ver.1.01

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Circle: kate_sai
Release: May/11/2013
File Format: HTML + Movie
Genre: Breasts, Anime, Younger Sister, Bukkake, Internal Cumshot, Breast Sex

Your adorable little sister Momoka
just made a pubescent confession!

She positively begged you.
Just once, just this one mistake is okay.

… you promised yourself,
but after tasting sweet Momoka
there’s no going back.

Your fantasy thoughts can’t be repressed!

How far will this forbidden love go…?

* Completely HAND-DRAWN anime movie *
Comprised of more than 1800 illustrations!
Dynamic motion is achieved frame-by-frame by loving craftsmanship.
Expressive faces come alive by virtue of painstaking artistic compilation!

Revel in her perfect skin, bouncing breasts and
lovingly sculpted bottom in a world of fluid animation.

More than just an anime viewing experience, you can interact like a player!

Ecchi scenes are entirely from the POV of elder brother (you).
You can enjoy every vivid scene as if your imouto were really here!

* Fully voiced of course *
75 minutes of anime matched by dizzying romantic
talks and sighs of pleasure by a top-quality seiyuu!
Proper lip synching in conversations
infuse the sex that follows with powerful empathy.

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