[2D Hentai] With the princess -Pink Movie Theater- (Full + 60fps Video Only)

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姫さまといっしょ。 -桃色動画館-

Circle: kate_sai
Release: Nov/15/2008
File Format: HTML + Movie
Genre: Tsundere, Loli, Internal Cumshot, Breast Sex, Blowjob, Big Breasts

All scenes are hand drawn! A full voice animation – “Pink Movie Theater” the second release!

Instead of amassing a large amount of debt, she does an incredibly sexy dance for a rich VIP!

This sexy olived skinned large breasted girl dances with the techinque of a grown adult. The normally tomboyish princess sees this and tries to beat her at her own game. Caught between these two desperate girls what is the weak willed Shinto priest going to do but writhe in agony??

And what happens at the end of the show??

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