[3D Hentai] Succubus Shelly 2 ~Newlywed Life~ (Video Only-60FPS)

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小悪魔シェリー2 ~新婚生活編~

Circle: blue arrow garden
Release: Sep/30/2016
File Format: MKV
Genre: Loli, Swimwear, Apron, Internal Cumshot

* Look who’s back!
The sex life continues with Shelly, but you can 100% enjoy this title on its own.
For you who’ve already played the first game, enjoyment is more like 120%!

* Honeymoon edition!
“Hey, am I really going to wear this~?”

This time, Shelly’s on a honeymoon with her darling at a island resort!
She flaunts a sexy swimsuit… even though it’s what schoolgirls wear.
Because hubby darling is a pervert <3

They enjoy some beach volleyball and a game of split-the-melon…
“Hey darling, my tummy is empty~”
“What! But there’s still lots of day left…”
She stimulates her indecisive husband’s crotch with her little feet.
“Nyaha~ Look who’s awake~”
The body speaks more frankly than the mind.
What does darling want?
Her feet? Her mouth? Or to be inside her special place?

* Newlywed life is awesome!
Playtime in the daytime and punishment at night!
No mercy for Shelly today!
Ever-tender darling is mad!
“Someone will see us…”
“At, at least let me clear away the crowds…”
She’s ashamed to be naked outside… but her p*ssy is dripping wet.
The body speaks more frankly than the mind!
“Ma, master… making me be a… dirty bitch…
yes master, punish me… with your c*ck!”

… From here, please enjoy the main event!

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