[RPG] Naedoko Demon’s Ground ver1.12 [English]

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苗床デモンズグラウンド ~奈落の孕姫~

Circle: Tsukinomizu Project
Release: Dec/25/2015
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Fantasy, Yuri/Girls Love, Egg Production, Tentacle, Robot Sex, Futanari/Dick girl

* Scenario

Eriza is a fledgling “wolfcaller” lost in an ancient dungeon—
Help her return to the surface with the pregnant princess and companion Jupily.

* Game

R-18 RPG with tentacles, procreation

Give birth to new party member monsters! 87 total types

There are over 70 images of base H scenes with lez/yuri, monsters, eggspawn, sex toys, etc.
Lots of pregnancy and plump belly is depicted, please be warned.

Battles are standard command-based
Enjoy over 200 varieties of custom-created enemies and allies
Dress the heroine in over 20 kinds of outfits
Revisit H scenes and CGs within the game!

* Notes

Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free).

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I was looking for this one


one of the best games on this site!