[2D Hentai] Dame! Zettai! 0 (Video Only)

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ダメ!ぜったい!! 隷

Circle: kate_sai
Release: Jun/16/2016
File Format: MP4
Genre: Loli, Bukkake, Internal Cumshot, Breast Sex, Sexual Training, Big Breasts

Broken brainwashed elf slave sisters!!

This hand-made drug and sex training movie is
90 minutes crafted from an unbelievable 1900 individual images
and fully voiced!

Fiona is a dark warrior elf with flowing locks of gold.
Suronya is loli-petite with cream pale skin and silver twintails.

War takes many casualties. For these royal sisters, it takes their minds.
Slaves sold for pleasure after they’re thoroughly, irreparably broken!

Resistant, defiant, proud and ashamed of indignity……
They may have strong souls, but the elixir will win. An overdose!
First they say no, no! Then they say ah, ah!
Once the training ends it’s the c*ckloving happy life!

Drugs are dangerous, forbidden… Dame! Zettai!!

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