[2D Hentai] Creature reaction inside the ship!

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Circle: Arekara4nen
Release: Jun/30/2017
File Format: EXE/ MP4 included
Genre: Breasts, SF, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Big Breasts

Unidentified creatures have infiltrated the space ship
and it’s beautiful busty crew girl is in danger!?

An interspecies violation video collection!

In an age where humanity can freely travel,
explore and perform commerce across the galaxy…
There was a hunter flying around the cosmos performing tasks.
One day, on a mission, her ship is infiltrated by unidentified creatures
and the busty hunter girl is in danger of…!?

– no superfluous content, all video!
– the conversation part has been made as short as possible!
– random voice features to make the same scene fresh!
– all H scenes, fully animated (60 fps)
– can be controlled with both keyboard and mouse.
– 1024×576 (16:9) wide screen resolution
– voiced with BGM
– Titties, boobies, breast teasing galore!
– interspecies sex (with some tentacles only too)
– improved auto-mode

MP4 video format
Loopable audio / sound effects (BGM – without random voice)

Normal patterns x 39
Sped up patterns x 39
Clothing Removal / Penetration x2
Finishing Scenes x 20
Other x16

= 116 total patterns!

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