[3D Hentai] Seshi Knight Millcream Part 1 (Engsub-60FPS)

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せーしKnight ミルクリーム 前編

Circle: MiMiA Cute
Release: Oct/03/2014
File Format: MKV
Genre: Anime, Otoko no ko, Tentacle, Futanari/Dick girl

* A magical girl who is really a guy!? Millcream confronts Luna the succubus.
At the end of the battle wait defeat, training and submission.
The hunted magical girl is attacked by the succubus with teasing, insects, tentacles and pleasure.
Will Millcream fall and become a female pig when an insects lays its eggs in her bowels!?

* The whole story is voiced.

* Insects, tentacles, egg laying, urethra torture, humiliation play, fellatio, urination, ejaculation, sex, insemination,
anal, restraint, ejaculation control, turning into a hermaphrodite (Luna).

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Man 2014, Still waiting for part 2 of this and Summer vacation treasure hunt